Sufi Soul music and the image of Islam

In Sufi Soul on Wild Dervish Writes, the musician Youssou N’dour states his belief that Sufi music can correct the present image of Islam.  I’m happy to add Sufi music to my expanding image of Islam.  I know little about Islam but what I do know is shaped by what I read in the media (most of which is best ignored) and by my direct experiences with Muslims (which I take seriously).  So far, I’ve had many stimulating and positive experiences with open-minded Muslims I’ve met through Radio Salaam Shalom and by some frustrating experiences with homophobic and intolerant Muslims disturbed by my lesbianism. As with any group of people, Islam includes the full diversity of views and behaviours.  Stereotyping and generalising from a small sample doesn’t lead to a correct image of Islam. Maybe there is no correct image.


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