Hitler’s soul

Talking with Leaders of the Past is an extraordinary book that set my heart racing with elation at the sense of its truth. It is a book of interviews with 15 leaders who are no longer alive. According to the authors, they are in soul form at Home, a dimension of unconditional love where every soul returns. The authors are Toni Ann Winninger, a former prosecutor in Chicago who is now a psychic channeler and the Rev. Peter Watson Jenkins, a clinical and metaphysical master hypnotist working in past-life regression and spirit release. Toni and Peter describe themselves as messengers relaying a message about reincarnation and the purpose of life from the Masters, a group of wise souls back Home who are not currently or never have been in physical form. Peter asked the questions and Toni channeled the replies. They talked to thinkers who influenced behaviour and belief such as Oscar Wilder and Pope John XXIII, women who breached traditional roles such as Eleanor Roosevelt, leaders who shaped commerce and empires (Gandhi, Churchill) and scientists whose theories challenged ideas (Darwin, Jung, Einstein). The most challenging for me was the dialogue with Adolf Hitler’s soul. His interview most clearly expressed the Masters’ message. Peter asked Hitler’s soul (not his personality self): “Now that you are back Home, do you see yourself as the incarnation of absolute evil?” The reply was: “I saw the person whose part I was playing at that time as being what a human would consider as ‘absolute evil’. But I am no different from any other soul who plays a part in order to learn physical lessons and to help others with their lessons. I was selected and agreed with others to be evil incarnate on the planet during the time I was Adolf Hitler.” After clarifying what he meant, Peter eventually asked, “What does the Creator achieve by permitting evil?” Hitler’s soul replied, “To be able to experience and know the greatness of what we are. We cannot truly comprehend unconditional love unless we know what the absence of unconditional love is like.” If you’re not already thinking along these lines, these are stimulating and mind-blowing ideas. Read the book and see what you make of it. Find out more on www.mastersofthespiritworld.com/.  I interviewed Toni when she came to Bristol – you can hear her on my Listen to Inspiring Peacemakers page.


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