Creating a Positive Vision

Meditation and Reflection on Peace in the Middle East

In response to the current events in Gaza, a group of Jews and Quakers in Bristol (UK) invite you to join us for an evening of meditation, singing, prayer and reflection on our vision of peace, love and justice in Israel and Palestine. All are welcome.

Thursday 22 January 2009 from 6.45 to 9pm
Horfield Quaker Meeting House
300 Gloucester Road BS7

No one can remain unaffected by the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. When we hear the news, we may react with fear and rage or we may turn away and try to ignore it. Either way, the disturbing events remain in our minds as powerful negative forces, holding us trapped. Not only do we feel dreadful but while in that mind-state, we cannot visualise a way to change the situation for the better. As long as we focus our hearts and minds on the problems and the horror of what’s going on, we get more problems and more horror. Let’s not give any of our energy to violence and hatred. Let’s create a vision of the possibilities of transformation that do exist in the region.


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