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World premiere of Dove


I’m honoured to add to this website a production of Dove, a short radio play by Sheila Yeger.  Dove shows two mothers, potential enemies due to the violence of the situation they’re in, who find another way to communicate and connect. A young soldier comes to re-evaluate his role as he is influenced by their interaction. Under the expert direction of Roger Stennett, we produced Dove as a rehearsed reading for Radio Salaam Shalom. We were privileged to use the Radio Salaam Shalom recording studio to make this production. Three actors volunteered their time and brought the play to life with their professionalism and presence. Hanne was played by Pameli Benham, Salma by Meg Whelan and Joe by Vincenzo Pellegrino. You can listen to the full hour and 17 minute production by going to this page where you can also hear a short interview with Sheila talking about her sources of inspiration.